How It Works


Platinum Prep Meals is built on 4 simple words… “Clean Eating Made Easy”. We believe that clean cooking techniques combined with simple fresh ingredients is the key an exceptional nutritious lifestyle.



One of Platinum Prep's biggest principles is sourcing healthy quality ingredients. Specifically sourcing antibiotic free, hormone free, GMO free veggies and wild caught fishes. Platinum Prep’s cooking and prepping processes includes no added sodium in seasonings or oils during cooking.



To provide healthy, delicious, and freshly prepared meals that are accessible to all through nutritional education and demonstration.



Platinum Prep as a culture prospective is best represented by the two owners and brothers, Steve and Matt. It all started when Matt first picked up a knife. His love and passion for food goes beyond the normal understanding of what some might call an obsession. Watching from Grandmothers, his Father, and a multitude of TV inspirations have helped mold his mind to both food intertwined with science. To further his education in Nutrition and dietetics, fascinated by the body and how Nutrition and Food plays such an important role in everyone life, he wanted to bring this knowledge to the people.

Steve, seeing the fire burning in Matts eyes set out to see his dream become a reality.

Together they would revolutionize one thing. Making “HEALTHY EATING MADE SIMPLE”.

 Bringing a plethora of experience in Customer relations to Business Management, and with the combined effort of blood, sweat, and tears, over the years they have created a “new wave” in the ocean of “Fast Food”. With the Platinum Prep’s Guarantee of No antibiotics, No Hormones, No GMO’s, No Added Sodium, and Wild Caught Sourcing of Fishes, we ensure this highest quality, nutrient dense, macro-balanced meal to ever hit the streets.

To go a step further Matt and Steve believe in the conversation of the planet. Using only recycled, recyclable plastics in all facilities, not to mention the compost of our unused vegetable scraps to local CT farms to reduce the companies carbon footprint!

We hope your become a part of our culture by “breaking bread” and becoming part of our family.